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  Arkadas Bilgisayar Work Process

Arkadas BilgisayarWork Process

Arkadas Computer - Work Process

According to base of the data lost, we classify recovery process as:
- File System (FAT, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, HPFS,..) corrupted
- HDD PCB broken
- Physically damaged (Head jammed, broken, messed)
- RAID corrupted (raid0, raid1, raid5)
- Data Recovery from USB Flash Units
- Data Recovery from optical drives (CD, DVD)
- Recovery from Memory Sticks
- Recovery from 1.8" Laptop HDDs

Data Recovery work process consists from these stages:

1. Analyzing and reporting

After we received the HDD, we analyze the disk for data recovery, breakdown cause, probability of recovery and so on. This process varies from 1 hour to 24 hours.

2. At the same time we are recording the customer and product info to our database, giving to customer requried access grant , where customer can track the status of the work online.

3. After analyzing finished, according to observed report, we are reporting to customer about the status of the work and the cost of the job. We are reporting by the way the customer preferred, by e-mail, fax, phone and online tracking system.

Note: Reporting time varies according to the damage on disk.

4. After written acceptance of terms, we start recovery process.

5. During recovery process, the customer will be informed about the status of the work.

6. After recovery finished, we inform and call customer to authenticate the work process. We require to receive the recovered data from customer peronally bacause of data security.

7. After customer received the recovered data, should inform us about the status of the recovered files. Otherwise the backup data will be destroyed that exists on our records.