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  About Arkadaş Computer

About Arkadaş Computer, history, mission

Arkadaş Bilgisayar

Arkadas Computer established in 1997. At the first stages of its activity made researches about mainboards. By these reserches, Arkadas Computer bacame one of the leading companies on mainboard repairments.

After motherboards, Arkadas Computer started notebook and data recovery services, improved company infrastructure and facilities, invested to modern technologies. Today Arkadas Computer is one of the leader companies especially in data recovery.

Arkada? Bilgisayar

Data Recovery is very responsible and difficult work, which requires very modern technologies, high responsibility and professional knowledge. Beyond this, data security is very important subject that people and companies require first. Arkadas Computer is aware of this subject and trying to restore, recover customers' data as quick as possible, with high security for 5 years. Also investing its resources to modern technologies, bringing the last units and building laboratory.

Arkada? Bilgisayar

Arkadaş Bilgisayar Arkadaş Bilgisayar