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Salvationdata Disk Doctor for Western Digital

  HD Doctor for W.Digital Geri Git

WD Doctor for Western Digital HDDs

  • Beraberinde bulunan ekipmanlar

    01.HD Doctor For WD program and available WD firmware on CD (2 pcs)
    02.HD Doctor For WD mainframe (1 pc)
    03.HDD Jumper (10 Pcs)
    04.Flash Programmer (1 pc)
    05.Rewritable WD PCB BIOS chip M29102BB (10 pcs)
    06.USB connecting cable (1 pcs)
    07.HD Power cable (2 pcs)
    08.IDE cable (1 pc)
    09.SATA cable (1 pc)
    10.IDE to SATA adaptor (1 pc)
    11.Power cable for IDE to SATA adaptor (1 pc)
    12.ELF 936 Universal Adaptor (1 pc)

    Supported Models:

    Silver I series
    Silver II series
    Black I series
    Black II series