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Flash Recovery Tool

  Flash Recovery Tool Geri Git

Flash Disk Data Recovery Equipment (FDRE)

  • Nowadays external Flash memory cards are very popular among users to carry data. But if you lost, broken these memory units, then it is hard to recover data from them. But using the Flash Data Recovery Unit Equipment (FDRE) you can quickly and easily get your data back. By using this unit, you can read the content, image of the flash memory to RAM or to your computer's hard disk, then using the internal software, internally developed for this unit, recover your files very quickly and and efficiently.

    How can you use the unit?
    Use of the unit is very easy. But it requires some basic electronic knowledge to get the microchip from board. After getting the micro chip, you put the chip to the unit, lock it and using the software read the content of the chip, then select right translation formula and view the file structure, after all you can command to recover to the given place.