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  Hard Disk Data Recovery

Data Recovery from Hard Disk Drives

Arkadaş Bilgisayar

The importance and value of info and data is rising day by day. The value of any bit of data sometimes exceeds beyond of our imagination. Data loss in current cycle of time is causing to very big economical losses.Data recovery is very difficult and expensive work, requires special technology and professional knowledge and professionals.
In most cases, people who lost their data, applies to companies or people who is dealing with computer repairement. But these repairement companies may recover your files, but they can not afford you the most important subject, security of your files.

Arkada? Bilgisayar

Arkadaş Computer is aware of conditions given above, working professionally on data recovery business since 1997 and one the leader companies in Turkey.
Thanks to our professional staff we can get back your data in very good quality and in very short of time. We worked with the companies in Turkey and worldwide successfully and they described their pleasure by writing referances to our company.
You can find them on our referances page.

We can recover from hard drives whatever the nature of the data lost:
- Deleted
- Formatted
- PCB damaged

and by other accidents, and we can recover the files almost 100% success.

Arkada? Bilgisayar

CAUTION: When the HDD broken, data lost, people trying to recover or open the cover of the hard drive and trying to use recovery software.
This is wrong action, can cause to unrecallable damages. When the accident happened, we urge you to get support from professionals.

Arkadas Computer requires confirmation relating ownership of the password locked notebook. Otherwise data recovery will not be processed.